Flat Roofs

Flat roofs, particularly built-up bituminous felt flat roofs, have been criticised over the years for their lack of consistency in retaining a watertight barrier. This criticism was justified, certainly in the early days, but now the quality of the felts that manufacturers are producing has improved dramatically.

Trained & Approved

Bain & Irvine lay only the best of flat roofs with our approved contractor status jealously guarded. Polyglass, Icopal and Garland supply our bituminous felts with ICB supplying our single ply membranes. All our staff that lay these products are trained and approved by the companies mentioned. Modern flat roofing techniques are also important to us, hence our decision to apply to SIKA plastic for training in liquid plastic laying and subsequently, becoming an approved contractor.

Liquid Plastics for Flat Roofing

Bain and Irvine can now offer an alternative to traditional built up felt roofing with SIKA liquid plastics.

Cold applied liquid plastics eliminate the need for gas torches and the potentially combustible mix of heat and timber.

The liquid plastics system is brush or roller applied and is ideal for roofs where there are details vulnerable to water ingress, e.g. pipe penetrations, upstands etc. The finished roof also benefits from the absence of laps and seams.

Our operatives are fully trained in the application of liquid plastics and have accreditation from SIKA.